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tea – tibetan style is better without the yak!

tib_teaIts important to note that the tea that they drink in Tibet is not our black leaf tea from the Americas, oh, and by the way, the tea in England and the world is only american indigenous and so no one has ever thanked us for it. The Boston tea party they wrote about in the east coast is a lie because tea is grown in our central region in the area of the republic of panama, and no one was here in 1773 and no one was dumping any tea overboard.

However, Tibetans should drink tea without the yak butter because the yak does not have to connect to Tibetans with anger or revenge. The yak or other animal receives the depression and anger from anyone who has ‘kleshas’.

It affects the animal’s health and future if you are using its milk or products with mental obstacles like anger or hatred. Instead drink tea made of herbs and infusions of fruit only and no yak butter or milk. Please inform the Tibetans that live in Nepal or Tibet. If they insist on using yak butter, they should use mantra of green Tara to prevent the yak from being interfered with.