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tsampa growing

tsampaTsampa is a grain that must grow anywhere in the world to help the Tibetans finish their evolution. So we are going to help them gather money to start tsampa farms in Florida and Mexico. Its like growing grain for wheat except the grain and flour is sweet and helps the Tibetans mature their brains and liver.


It is used for making noodles and flat breads or pancakes. Sometimes they can make momo pastry with it and use it for rolling dumplings.

There is also a new menu for Tibetans as they are invited by the american (aymara) indigenous here to live and use this land as theirs. We will be seeing lots of prayer flags, pujas and stupas in the south to help many animals heal from the anglo invasion that came to our continent in 1897 and still hasn’t left.

No one knows the truth of who our invaders are. They are originally from Syria, the blondes and blue eyes. The middle easterns that left because of the desserts and lack of water. Those are our invaders in the Americas. They also live in Europe, Scandinavia and Australia. They are known as the anglo-saxon because their womb is partitioned by the sun’s volcanic explosion of their shale where their monkey evolution has developed from, which means that they have an angular cut through their aquifer system of their DNA recipe (their genetics), so mind has inverted and gone insane.

They are not the Celtics who reside in the Scottish and Iceland regions. The Celtics are the true indigenous of the UK region and the rest belong in the middle-east which is the mid region of Europe. They are the Moors and they affect our farms, flora and that of the tsampa in Nepal which belongs to the Tibetan DNA. They are affected by the suns’ axis that has hurt their shale of monkey evolution so their DNA is disappearing. Their mandate is architecture and they have destroyed the world with it especially here in the united states of america, which will karmically be returned to our control by 2018.