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momo as a way of life for good health

food_01Cooking in native america is not easy for imported DNA from other countries because they are not receiving their nutrients and is why they suffer unless you are an enlightened being and are made of light in your time zone we called cartography.

It is imperative that the public learn to adjust to a new diet to eat what they can to nourish their ethnic bones and tissue. Eating meat of cow, fish or turkey is lethal for your digestion as you age. Also the eating our animals as native america is really bad karma. Eating chicken and the egg that is from China, pork that is from Russia and lamb from Europe is also really bad karma but kills your T-cells and that is why everyone suffers from arthritis and different cancers.

Eating products from our cows like milk, cream and cheese or ice cream hurts foreigners and their babies. The milk from cows are only for the baby cows and eating veal when the cows are younger hurts the brain and the spine is why foreigners age here and in the world so badly.

Try eating more grain and dumplings like momos and more cabbages and pumpkins or greens. There are many foods that you can eat while you live here that can help move the digestion and improve the content of your water to help you mature and not age.

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painting with Tibetans in Nepal

This is where I was in 2011 when I visited Nepal to dowse stress lines to prevent earthquakes and lift the waterway. I am a water dowser. For the next losar there shall be peace in the bugs and insects of the inner rivers and more water for the ‘tobetan’ shale of their DNA and it will replace the water and the fields of tsampa forever. I am Inka Uma, dowser of the world’s largest waterway aquifer that native aymara (america), the indigenous own – the water falls of New York on the border of Canada and the Iguazu falls of south aymara in the republic of Argentina.



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make the ageless wisdom of Tibet available to all

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A world heritage of profound methods for establishing inner peace and social harmony, Tibetan Buddhist culture is endangered.

The free of charge website contains a vast array of written and audio teachings true to traditional Tibetan values, yet instructive and inspiring to our modern minds and contemporary lives. $300,000 is the total goal and $89,282 is what is remaining.